Is Nebulization Safe For Babies and Kids?

Is Nebulization Safe For Babies and Kids?

From croup to RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), the use of nebulizer plays an important role and helps in various manners. These days, nebulizers are easily available in the market and preferred as one of the equipments which you should keep in your home. These machines are designed to change liquid into the mist, which is easy to inhale.

Is Nebulization Safe For Babies and Kids?

If you or your baby is having some trouble to breath, then most of the doctors will suggest using a nebulizer. However, the first question that pings in mind is regarding safety. Well, there are many reports suggesting the benefits but you can still find a couple of side effects that can make you reconsider before using it. Let’s get started by knowing all the pros and cons.


As you know nebulizers turn liquid into mist, so it is an effective method that can deliver aerosolized medication with ease.

It has some features delivery routes that are reliable as they have pacifiers or masks to make it easy for an infant to breathe mist.

Due to the small size and form factors, these are convenient to travel with and it can easily fit inside a small bag for sure.

Cons (side effects)

People facing asthma issues can find a huge rise in trouble as the mist is heavy and hard to inhale for such patients.

Constant sneezing or stuffy nose after nebulization can lead to sleeping issues during the night time.

Mild wheezing problem is common but it is not common among babies. Very few chances of facing such issues.

These are some major advantages and disadvantages that you can face during the use of a good-quality nebulizer.

How Safe is It?

Babies usually don’t have issues like asthma so it is safe to nebulize but it is necessary that you should go after a new nebulizer. Or, the best choice is to opt for a properly cleaned nebulizer that can eradicate many of the issues with ease. There are some common symptoms like sneezing or breathing issues that you can consider. As if baby face any kind of issue, you will notice breathing issues mainly so you should pay attention for sure.

Bottom Line

Always get your baby properly examined and then go for nebulization from doctors. After one-two time of nebulization, you can get this equipment for home and go for it without worrying about a single thing.

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