What can be cooked in an electric kettle?

What can be cooked in an electric kettle?

Electric kettles are used to boil water very fast. An electric kettle takes much less time to boil water as compared to a gas stovetop kettle. Apart from making tea and other hot beverages requiring boiled water, electric kettles can also be used to cook many food items. This is particularly useful for students living in hostels and frequent travelers. Electric kettle allows you to rustle up a quick meal. Some of the simple food items that can be cooked in a multi-purpose electric kettle have been discussed here.

What can be cooked in an electric kettle?

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs form an important part of breakfast for many people all over the world. Eggs with bread are a wholesome breakfast that keeps you going throughout the morning. Place the eggs in the electric kettle and fill it up with water. The water level should be just an inch above the eggs. Ensure that the eggs do not touch the heating element of the kettle by propping up the kettle. Now start boiling by switching on the kettle. The eggs need to be boiled for 13 minutes. You need to switch on the kettle again and again when the kettle turns off automatically until the 13 minutes time period is completed. Finally, dump the hot water from the kettle and carefully put the eggs in a bowl of cold water.


Rice can also be cooked in an electric kettle. Take the amount of rice you require and wash it with water. Fill the electric kettle with half a liter of water and boil. Put washed rice inside the kettle and allow it to be cooked till the kettle switches off automatically. Now wait for 5 minutes and switch on the kettle again. Cook till the kettle switches off automatically. Wait for 15 minutes and check the rice by picking some rice with a wooden spoon. If the rice is soft, then it means that it is cooked. Otherwise, continue the process.


Maggi instant noodles can also be prepared using an electric kettle. An electric kettle just takes 2-5 minutes to prepare Maggi noodles. You just need to heat water in the kettle and add the noodles to it. Keep checking the noodles by opening the lid frequently. When the noodles have softened enough, add the tastemaker and shut the lid. Cook for two minutes.

A lot of recipes suited for electric kettles are available on the internet. One can check them up.

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